an impromptu trip to the garden last spring. the season was just starting and so bushes of hydrangea(?) were the only ones in bloom at the time, but it was enough to inspire me to produce this quick shoot;)


Two winters ago: maki, a crown from his christmas concert, and the best winter light
(and 5-10 minutes to get it all done before the little guy runs out of patience:P).


Gelato + ZARA People!

A couple of weeks ago, Maki and I met up with his Tia and had lunch downtown. We had an amazing time! Just relaxing, soaking up the sun, with no schedule or agenda to follow:) We followed our lunch with some gelato, and as you can see, Maki has quite the appetite. After his bento box, he had 2 cups of gelato. Aaand, to my surprise, one of Maki's photos that i took on this day, was selected to be part of 'Zara People!' for May, Week 4:) Thanks Zara!!!