Two winters ago: maki, a crown from his christmas concert, and the best winter light
(and 5-10 minutes to get it all done before the little guy runs out of patience:P).


Gelato + ZARA People!

A couple of weeks ago, Maki and I met up with his Tia and had lunch downtown. We had an amazing time! Just relaxing, soaking up the sun, with no schedule or agenda to follow:) We followed our lunch with some gelato, and as you can see, Maki has quite the appetite. After his bento box, he had 2 cups of gelato. Aaand, to my surprise, one of Maki's photos that i took on this day, was selected to be part of 'Zara People!' for May, Week 4:) Thanks Zara!!!


goodbye winter

I hate to admit it, but as much as I love snow, I'm looking forward to spring & summer. Although we received a lot of snow this year (thankfully!), it didn't come without any downside - the sun barely came out this winter. So for that, I'm done. I need sun and colour in my life. So much so, I felt compelled to add a pink light leak on my photo:P And so thank you old man winter for the magical and dreamy landscape you provided Maki and I to play and marvel at. For that, I'm grateful. But you need a rest...we all do.