twigs and honey

how gorgeous are these head pieces by twigs and honey?


to top it all of, these photos were shot by one of my favourite photographers, Elizabeth Messina.
sigh, too much talent in one post:)

***via Twigs & Honey

paper jam press

this...made me smile:) loving the attitude this poster speaks.

***via felt and wire shop



I have admired WORK Architecture for some time now. These images are from a few years back, but still a goody. It's work they did for Anthropologie.

***via WORKac


jose villa

Here are some works from an AMAZING, amazing, photographer, Jose Villa. There is not a single photograph that doesn't scream wow.
I already have my mind made up that he'll be my wedding photographer one day. I will have no one else. Nope!
Oh, and btw, he shoots everything in film. <3

***via Jose Villa


carl kleiner

i love clouds, but i love this artist's work even more.
check out his portfolio for more amazing works of art.

***via Carl Kleiner


goodbye summer & happy friday

It's been almost a week that the sun has been covered by clouds. This photo may very well be the last photo I took with the sun shining. And it looks like this is the last bloom from this flower.

***photo by lovemaki***


lovemaki at etsy

I finally have some things up in the shop:)
It's still gloomy here but I decided to take some photos anyway.
I will be adding more later on today, so stay tuned!

**Also, I'll be doing a giveaway in the next few days, so watch out for that:)**



I've been trying to get some product shots done but it's been soo gloomy here for the past few days. It's impossible to get them done with insufficient natural light.
I guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow. We'll see...