varsi matteo

i just love the soft palette in these polaroids photos by varsi matteo.
these are available for purchase and are definitely on my wish list:)

***via l'affiche moderne


around the neighbourhood

it's been raining throughout the week, and this weekend, i decided to take maki for a walk despite the rain. he's going through that stage where he's fighting his nap times, and the only time he'll sleep, if he's in a moving car/train/bus, and in this case, the stroller. it was only drizzling so i was able to bring my camera along. these are just some of the images i captured throughout the neighbourhood.
i love how the pavements are covered in bright yellow flower blossoms from the maple trees.
also, around the corner, there's a house with a beautiful magnolia tree in their front yard that i've always swooned over. i managed to take a couple of pics, but not before i noticed the homeowners were inside looking from their window. ha:P