and so it begins

wishing everyone a very happy new year!
i am grateful for the support that people have given lovemaki this year.
maki and i thank you:)



mini rodini

was shopping around last night for a winter jacket for maki, and found mini rodini's lincoln parkas. still deciding between all three colours.


just because...

photo taken this past summer. i finally got around to getting a bunch of film developed.
this is my favourite from the bunch - i knew it would be when i shot it:)


mini: street style

loved maki's outfit on sunday, while strolling downtown in the frigid weather. couldn't resist:)


the vamoose

beautiful pieces from the vamoose. i love how designer, Kathryn, showcases what each piece was inspired by.

images via the vamoose


a study

a friend had made these bouquets from a wedding this past summer. I took them home with every intention to do some sort of photoshoot with it. The next morning, they were already dying, so I couldn't do what I wanted with them. so instead, i did some sort of floral study...if that's what you call it. i don't know. ha!