blue and gold

i am in love with lorena arance's photography. each and every photo is poetry.
for daily inspiration, visit her flickr.

***images via lorena arance


the dress

as some of you guys probably noticed, apart from lovemaki, i love taking photographs as well. above is a snippet of a photo session i did of my dearest friends. i got my friend to wear my favourite dress of hers. it's from h&m:)
i should also note that the grass was really dry, and scratched at your legs. they were such troopers and i love them!


irina graewe

loving the styling on these! i have a spot for black, gray and pink:)

***images via irina graewe



loving the styling and photography on fleabag's ss11 lookbook
***via fleabg


san fran

a few snippets of san francisco...i couldn't take much pics. it's not enough time with only 2 days in the city, with cranky baby and all. felt more like 5 minutes:P