The ROM - Part 1

We visited the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) a couple of weeks ago. Here are just a few snippets of the day. I had more pictures, but unfortunately, my phone, from which i took the majority of the pics with, malfunctioned, and so i'm left with only a few from my cam. The title states "part 1", just because there was so much to see and this was really only a sampling of what the Royal Ontario Museum has. We will definitely be back for a "part 2, 3, 4...";)


raindrop scarf

Hello everyone! Here's a sneak peak of what will be in the shop next week. Hand-dyed scarves with natural dyes, and screen printed with water-based ink, on organic cotton. Hope you'll all like it as much as I do:)



last days of summer

enjoying the last bit of the summer sun before fall and winter creep in. i really love the golden hour:) although, with these images, i really only had about less than 10 minutes to capture these before we lost the light:P

on another note, he starts his first day of junior kindergarten tomorrow! eek! time sure does fly, when you're having fun! x



just a series of images i've taken of clouds and light. a collection that is quickly growing:) clouds, i'll never tire of them.



we went camping last week, and whilst there, i took advantage of the beautiful area and shot a session. i've tweeted about this, but how awesome is it that we found a heart-shaped rock? it was both amazing and convenient! more images to come.

also, i have a new product i've been working on that i'll have to post a sneak peek soon;)


yellow sea

Above is a polaroid taken right in the spring when the fields were covered in dandelions. It was a sea of yellow and absolutely beautiful in person.


flower study

I've neglected this blog for so long, that I pretty much considered abandoning it. But after going back and forth, I've decided to keep on. After all, my iphone has been my go-to cam these days, where else would I dump them? ;) And I can't forget that I've interacted with some amazing people because of this blog:)

Above are photos I took of the various peonies in our backyard. I have a few more to share with you:)

***images by me


cloudy day

new cloud cushions. the linen is hand dyed with natural dyes. it's both time & energy consuming, but the results are worth it. i love the satisfaction i get when i achieve the colours on my fabric that i've searched tirelessly for.



...some snow! Though it did only last a couple of hours - it rained the next day and melted it all away. Good thing maki and I made the most of it and stayed out until it got dark out.


ali noble

beautiful work by ali noble. please visit her site for more neon goodness. love

***images via ali noble