and so it begins

wishing everyone a very happy new year!
i am grateful for the support that people have given lovemaki this year.
maki and i thank you:)



mini rodini

was shopping around last night for a winter jacket for maki, and found mini rodini's lincoln parkas. still deciding between all three colours.


just because...

photo taken this past summer. i finally got around to getting a bunch of film developed.
this is my favourite from the bunch - i knew it would be when i shot it:)


mini: street style

loved maki's outfit on sunday, while strolling downtown in the frigid weather. couldn't resist:)


the vamoose

beautiful pieces from the vamoose. i love how designer, Kathryn, showcases what each piece was inspired by.

images via the vamoose


a study

a friend had made these bouquets from a wedding this past summer. I took them home with every intention to do some sort of photoshoot with it. The next morning, they were already dying, so I couldn't do what I wanted with them. so instead, i did some sort of floral study...if that's what you call it. i don't know. ha!




this friday morning was greeted with a little surprise in the mail.
maki was soo happy when i told him he had mail, and was even happier when he opened it.
maki and i both love the little necklaces (he has 2) that he has from irene and vivene's 'kids wear neon' line. they are just so fun and the perfect finish to any outfit. maki has this one too w/ neon pink threads, and it was the perfect piece for summer - he wore it everyday! i love me some bkids:)

happy friday!


carl kleiner

I've featured carl kleiner's work here before, and I can't help it - his work never cease to amaze me. He has a shop opening on the Nov. 28th, and I can't wait what to see what it'll have.

***images via Carl Kleiner


wall + wear

when i saw this beautiful piece from debra baxter (via all the mountains), it reminded me of some art pieces at mammoth collection that i just had to do some sort of wall+wear post:D i enjoyed doing this post, so i'm hoping to do more:)

wear: debra baxter

wall: mammoth collection
1. "mineral" by karina eibatova
2. "landscape painting 1" by russel leng
3. "burnt 01" by troy moth



it occured to me that i haven't shared these shots yet, from my california vacation back in july. i plan on blowing these images up and displaying it. just like these ones.
a bit embarrassing, but would you believe that i had not seen massimo vitale's work until a week ago? since i can't probably ever afford any of his pieces, i think mine will do just fine:)


impromptu shoot

i recently started using both twitter & facebook. i needed a profile pic and so i got maki to quickly model for me. let me tell you, this was no easy task because he was tired. but i just had to get my shot:P so after a couple of bribes, i got the above 4 images.




ever fancied yourself a 'love you' print? or maybe even a 'numbers' print? The lovely Esther of Buy Modern Baby is hosting a giveaway for any of the lovemaki 13x19 prints, OR your own personalized UP UP UP print.
Head on over to Buy Modern Baby and leave a comment.

Esther also put together this lovely nursery design, inspired by the items in the lovemaki shop. it's perfect, non?!

***via buymodernbaby


birthday + weekend

yesterday, my l'il man woke up to balloons and the birthday song:)
this saturday we'll be taking him to the science centre to celebrate his birthday furthermore.

have a good weekend:)



happy to say that the heart cushions are now available to order.
also, a new colourway has been added! a nice dusty rose/grey.
each one is made to order


blue and gold

i am in love with lorena arance's photography. each and every photo is poetry.
for daily inspiration, visit her flickr.

***images via lorena arance


the dress

as some of you guys probably noticed, apart from lovemaki, i love taking photographs as well. above is a snippet of a photo session i did of my dearest friends. i got my friend to wear my favourite dress of hers. it's from h&m:)
i should also note that the grass was really dry, and scratched at your legs. they were such troopers and i love them!


irina graewe

loving the styling on these! i have a spot for black, gray and pink:)

***images via irina graewe



loving the styling and photography on fleabag's ss11 lookbook
***via fleabg


san fran

a few snippets of san francisco...i couldn't take much pics. it's not enough time with only 2 days in the city, with cranky baby and all. felt more like 5 minutes:P