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So yesterday, Toronto was supposed to be hit by a really big snowstorm. We were expecting up to 20-30cm of snow. Schools were cancelled, some offices were closed...but it never came. It somehow missed us. Nonetheless, we still had a fair amount of snow that came. I don't have any personal pictures to show you of the day though.
Luckily, James Nord has some images of a winter wonderland in the city. He takes some of the most amazing photos. Above are a collection of recent photographs he took of NYC in the winter.

***images via james nord


  1. Everything closed down here too even before the snow hit. But ours did hit us. Love the James Nord photos.

  2. Those photos are beautiful. We got hit with an ice storm here yesterday, so I spent the day stuck inside. Lots of broken branches but I love the way everything looks coated in ice. I'll have to post some of my photos.

  3. Those photo's are beautiful! Makes me want to move to the city <3 We were supposable hit by a snow storm too, but it never came, other than an inch or two.

  4. Melody - How was it? Was it that bad?

    I think snow storms are the best kind of storms. Everything looks so beautiful after:)

  5. These are great photographs.:)Very cold looking but very romantic in a way too. :)

  6. We got it here! Blizzard in the midwest! We got about 10 inches where I live (about 25 centimeters)! It's so pretty though. Cold, but pretty!

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